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Badoo Reviews

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  • badoo stealing your money

    Do not get badoo.. They are stealing your money.. In the agreement it clearly stated that the payment was only for one month and that it won't be automatically renew.. It renews automatically now and I can't unsubscribe or delete my payment method and can't get hod of badoo to cancel it.. If they do not call me today I will report them to our national customers fraud department... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Jlouw15's Picture   Jlouw15    0 Comments   Comments
  • Abuse of automated payment services

    Badoo is abusing the automated payment services provided by Google Wallet (and probably others too). It may have been in the small print, but it was not made clear when paying for the service that it would be an automated monthly transaction. They will keep taking money out of your account until you physically stop it SO CANCEL IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO USE IT. You do not have to close your account to do this, just go in to Google Wallet and cancel the payments. THEY WILL NOT GIVE REFUNDS. THIS IS HOW THEY MAKE MONEY. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Alphiii's Picture   Alphiii    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deleting profile

    I am having trouble trying to delete my badoo profile but cant seem to figure what the email address i typed in was because i think i typed the wrong email adress in, and it won't even let me change it, i dont want the page anymore.....all i ask is PLEAS CAN SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE WHAT AND HOW TO DO IT. Its driving me crazy More...
    (Legal Services)
    MihiT's Picture   MihiT    0 Comments   Comments

    Dear Customer Support. Like seriously,i have been on badoo for atleast one year now andd i consider it as one of my best social sites, because its interesting to use. i see it as one of my comfort zones. Just to hit the nail, i was blocked this morning when i tried to log in to the site. Please im pleading can badoo please unblock my account plz...i cant afford to open a new account plz. I would be so happy and must testify if my account is unblocked. My email for my account is: Thanks and God bless More...
    (Featured Editor)
  • badoo took my money by their application error on their phone app

    Hi there, I was opening my badoo app on my phone when a message popped up that my super power thingy expired and do i want to upgrade it? there was no option saying no or skip the advert whatever I done so the application stole 2-3 months super powers payments from my account without my permission. It is awful I want my money back. There is no proper email address to contact badoo or anything to find it easy to contact customer service.. im very disappointed... I would like somebody to call me back as soon as possible and let me know when can i get back my money? email address:... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    lordofdestiny's Picture   lordofdestiny    0 Comments   Comments
  • cannot upload photos

    This ticket is for the Badoo Online Dating Site. I cannot upload photos on my profile. The icon for choosing an existing file is not being shown. The only icon that is showing to upload photos is from Facebook. I do not want to upload photos from Facebook. I want the access to upload photos from my existing gallery file. I request to have this feature fixed. I use Badoo Mobile Phone Dating Site. Thank you. More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    Yesterday my account was blocked, I'm extremely confused..! I've been using your site successfully for a long time and I always follow the rules on the site. Please unblock my account ASAP.? I spent time uploading pics and have friends on the site.I was wanting to use the site today and I was very disappointed as i found out that I'd been blocked..!! I believe this may be an error, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you, any questions please call my cellphone!! (626)324-3981 Sincerely: TIMOTHY DAVIS More...
  • my account was blocked and I didn't break any guidelines

    llewell87@gmail. com my name is faith and my account was Ickes for no reason I simply made a complaint on a badoo user and now my account is blocked I carefully reviewed the guidelins and I have not disobeyed not one of the guidelines if you can please unblock my account my photos are still up there which is unlawful to not let me at least access my photos but I really liked using badoo and never had a issue with by badoo until making a complaint I have read other people reviews and some of them are not so good More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Faithonlee's Picture   Faithonlee    1 Comments   Comments
  • you made a fake profile and sent me a notification to my email

    You sent me a msg in my junk email saying I had notifications which I didn't see my husband did and called me wanting to know why I am trying to cheat on him I want an aopology and proof to show him I did not have an account with you people and if simeone else can set up an account for other people thatshould not be an option you are ruining families,' and causing drama in my life I don't need. I should not have to prove myself to my stupid husband to make him believe me but these bogus emails are not helping. Send me a retraction. And an appology. Thanks More...
  • got sent a notification and have never been on this site.

    So the other day my husband was going through my emails and saw a notifications from badoo... I didn'tknow what this is. He calls me from work and accuses me of cheating or wanting to cheat.I don't know hiw they got my email, I don't have a profile that I know of, my husband is a paraynoid %#*&$. So this is the crap I have to deal with, accusations of lying sneeaking hiding stuff wanting to cheat I want an appology sent to me from you badoo, you suck. My email is I want this rectified to get my untrusting ass of a husband off my a** thanks so much... More...
    emilyispissed's Picture   emilyispissed    1 Comments   Comments
  • cannot load only page

    I am happy with, I have found a lot of new friends but 2 days ago I cannot load page. I was trying it in Mozilla, Opera, IE to load that page. Funny is that all other pages I can load, ONLY NOT. Message "Problem loading page" always appears. I have tryied switch off Norton Internet security, reinstall Mozilla Firefox, I checked up Internet connection, everything works. Only cannot load. please help me with it. Thank you More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    psutto's Picture   psutto    6 Comments   Comments
  • Badoo blocked my account

    Today I was sent a malicious email from badoo stating that I had been reported for scamming someone. I have NO idea what they are talking about and of course, there is no way to contact them other than by snail mail. This accusation is totally unwarranted and is a very poor policy on the part of Badoo that expresses itself as a place to meet people and have fun. The email said that "...location from where you logged in may be reported to the local authorities". I sent a message on their "ask a question" page but of course I won't get a reply. Anyway... if we... More...
    b50210's Picture   b50210    0 Comments   Comments

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Badoo Comments

robertsui says: (5 months ago)
for the last few days, I suddenly cannot open my badoo pages on my desktop, but I still can do it on my handphone. Pls help fix it for me, thanks. my badoo name is

rtarrow says: (6 months ago)
what is going on badoo keeps mailfunctioning on pc nd fone

guest111 says: (6 months ago)
I have been using Badoo for several years. During this time I had my Super Powers activated and the money was taken from my bank account but that was when it was my choice. After that I cancelled my Super Powers and used one of their facilities of buying extra 20 contacts for 100 credits - £1,50. After some time I noticed that they have been charging me every month 8.49 for Super Powers I have opted out long time ago.

frankjackson20 says: (7 months ago)
i was blocked from using badoo, please help me to unblock my badoo profile, i did not read the guidelines before i signed up, i will be careful now. frank

SHANKIKI says: (8 months ago)
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SHANKIKI says: (8 months ago)
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18684845211 says: (9 months ago)
Hi I mistakenly deleted my best friend on my friends list,pls is it any thing I can do to replace her back pls

VELA says: (11 months ago)

purist2011 says: (12 months ago)
Since i registered badoo to log in have been my problem and they keep on saying that my details have not been recognized ,so i want to know how i can do that .

SUrprise200 says: (1 year ago)
Badoo is not good. And for the next reason

wizzle says: (1 year ago)
Whenever i want to log in to my account..I do get this complain.. What do i do now?

rickyraj3112 says: (1 year ago)
this is my email id I uninstalled the badoo (android) from my galaxy s3 and reinstalled it again. I am facing problem with the login and say "it cannot recognize". i am a paid member. please help it out...

ioannis says: (1 year ago)
HOW BADOO DOES TOOK MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT. I am in China where Badoo's website is not accessible and I have no way to get in touch with them. Recently they charged my Paypal account for a subscription fee and the only way I could reach them was by filing a complain to refund the money. My complain was files via my Paypal account also since this is the only way I can to reach Badoo from China. Despite repeated messages (via Paypal complain section) asking Badoo to return my money on the grounds that I cannot use the Badoo website, they totally ignore me, and never respond, and they continue to send me email about some women who who's to meet me and so on. All I want is my money back and I will persist to this because Badoo is took it from my account for a website which is not accessible.

Hornyassbenji says: (2 years ago)
If people all over the world have access to me i would like to see the world who's on badoo. When ever I put a pic on my site it gets ereased, who oversees the sight where do my erased pics go

mamountravolta says: (2 years ago)
Hey, what gives?

We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix this problem.

You'll be able to use this service in few minutes. For now you can still use other sections of the website.

my god this is two weeks and you said in few minutes

amy2510 says: (2 years ago)
hi there i payed £4.50 from my mobile to become a super memeber a code come by text on my phone and i entered it on your site , you have taken my money and i have not recived the super powers :-(

jmhig66 says: (2 years ago)
I tried to cancel my account almost three months ago...i'm STILL not sure if it's really cancelled or not, because I keep getting messages from Badoo that ask me if I want to be the first to meet "so and so" and other such bullsh##.
And get this, then they billed my credit card $30.00 yesterday for a "service" that I cancelled three months ago. Now i'm really fu##in pissed ! Congratulations Badoo on STEALING $30 from me, but i'm contesting the transaction with my credit card company and it will be my pleasure to tell the world what a scam you guys are.

Candyman says: (2 years ago)
I just cancelled my acccount with Badoo as they are using my personal e-mail and sending to third parties. I never signed up for or date online either and I keep getting e-mails every single week! On the other hand, most of pictures are a scam taken from magazines in Europe. People are not real as their profile is made up, in addition to this they do not reside in the area as showed.The last worst thing is they overcharge for getting credits that I did not authorized!

Please tell your friends Do Not Sign up on Badoo!

Oaks says: (3 years ago)
Hi, i have same problem than mahdi, can anyone help out? Im trying acess on my blackberry, tks in adv...

Oaks says: (3 years ago)
I have the same problem than mahdi, anyone to help me? Oh yeah, im tappinp on a blackberry phone, tks in adv...

lllllllllllllopo says: (3 years ago)
 0 and com is down.Linked too T-Online how is.
No Login and Messages!!! It is a One Week ago!!

gravity says: (3 years ago)
badoo. i can't login on badoo.
i just get mailing from my contacts but i can't log in can you help me?

Jannis says: (4 years ago)
Hi my name is Jannis I can not to log on to my account the only thing is coming out is "ssshhh we're sleeping" and a count down. this is happening for three days. can somebody check that , my email is

freespirit101 says: (4 years ago)
Your account has been blocked
As a result of your actions on our service, you have contravened the laws.

Your recorded factual instances of fraud, statements from users, your location and connection records have been transferred to the appropriate authorities in United Kingdom.

Should there be confirmation of unlawful receipt of money or assets, and/or abuse of trust, or any other illegal activities, you will assume criminal responsibility for your actions and be prosecuted.
Why this has happened I have no idea and I would like the situation rectified as soon as possible

freespirit101 says: (4 years ago)
Badoo has been blocked from my computer. A notice tells me that my recorded factual instances of fraud have been forwarded to the police? Who do I contact to find out more about this? I have not sent any messages from my account & I cannot seem to locate a contact email for them?

Enigma555 says: (4 years ago)
"As a result of your actions on our service, you have contravened the laws." - it's false... Help me! I just want to restore my profile to delete my photos!!!

kesh says: (4 years ago)
ive been trying to log on for 3 days now and it says we sleeping whats going on this is really poor service

banico says: (4 years ago)
am some one who is simple and working hard man.

987654321 says: (4 years ago)
Hi,i can not access to my page in badoo.for 3month it gives me this message we are sorry this page is temporarily unavailable.we are currently working to fix this problem....can I connect to badoo or not?they will not fix it?

987654321 says: (4 years ago)
Hi,i can not access to my page in badoo.for 3month it gives me this message we are sorry this page is temporarily unavailable.we are currently working to fix this problem....can I connect to badoo or not?they will not fix it?

babexx says: (4 years ago)
shit website
i sent a text to be in spotlight and it worked fine, then i tried to do it the next day and it dosent work. ive sent a billion texts and no reply and ive just emailed badoo to get an im awaiting there reply
but at the moment, im severly pissed off!

Ploverrover says: (4 years ago)
I am getting notifications from Badoo into my hotmail account telling me people have left new messages for me. Whenever I attempt to log on to badoo, it takes ages and in the end I get an error report informing me that the conection to the server has timed out. this happens whnever i attempt to access Badoo for whatever web page or link i use. The badoo server cant be down as people are leaving me messages. What is going on?

ferreirac1971 says: (4 years ago)
Badoo has been blocked from my computer. A notice tells me that my recorded factual instances of fraud have been forwarded to the police? Who do I contact to find out more about this? I have not sent any messages from my account & I cannot seem to locate a contact email for them?

Latinsweetcom says: (4 years ago)
You paid for what you get, it's free.

test says: (4 years ago)
Messenger is not working... I can see friends typing, but I'm not getting any messages. And it's happening for 2-3 days...

Pooya3x says: (4 years ago)
Hi, When I want to signin, I recieve this message:
How I can to solve it?

We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix this problem.


roya says: (4 years ago)
hello. this is a problem in this site and in IRAn, we cant opent it. its closwed now. please find a way to open it. thanks

mahdi says: (4 years ago)
Hi !
I can not access to my page in badoo. and this error will apear :

Hey, what gives?
We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix this problem.

You'll be able to use this service in few minutes. For now you can still use other sections of the website.

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